PD in insulation

PD in insulation

PD in inuslation

PD in Insulation

The importance of preventing insulation failures triggered from partial discharge has increased over the last years.

Partial Discharge is a precursor to insulation degradation - Once it has occurred in the insulation system and is left undetected, it steadily increases, and it can lead to extremely consequences like failures or even total breakdowns of the electrical asset.

The appearance of partial discharge can be caused by various reasons, such as: an aging insulation system, such as a contaminated insulation due external factors like dirt or moisture or manufacturing defects.

PD monitoring helps to identify potential defects in the insulation system.

Depending on your needs, purpose or requirements, Megger provides permanent monitoring solutions for PD, as well as a portable option which allows you to work flexibly and independently from the fixed installed asset.