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Megger oil tan delta (OTD) Additional Features: Pre Heat

In this video you learn about the pre heat feature of the Megger oil tan delta (OTD)

Megger oil tan delta (OTD) Additional Features Custom Test

In this video you get an insight into the additional features and custom test...

TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

Find out more about Megger's new transformer test system

VIDAR: go beyond DC Hipot testing

The VIDAR vacuum bottle tester represents a superior alternative to traditional Hi...

TDR1000 Mk3 Introduction and Demonstration

An introduction and full product demonstration of the Megger TDR1000/3

TDR1000mk3 advert video

Video advert for the Megger TDR1000 mk3 time domain reflectometer cable fault locator

TDR2050 introduction, function and operation

The TDR2050 from Megger is a feature rich test instrument and as such may require...

Transformer relay testing: get the most from your software

Simplify your transformer relay tests with this software guide for Freja relay...

Transformer Test Van

To stream-line your on-site assessment of power transformer condition the Megger...

PAT120 hand-held portable appliance tester animation

A 60 second view of the benefits of the easiest to use PAT tester
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